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Medical Excess Reinsurance

Medical Excess of Loss Reinsurance Coverage
RBS Re offers medical insurance companies a reinsurance product to insure the company against catastrophic medical claims.  Based upon an analysis of coverage needs, claims experience, case and geographic mix and financial risk appetite, we will provide optimal coverage options to your company.

  • Reinsurable products include individual medical, group medical, and consumer directed health plans (CDHPs)

  • Comprehensive coverage

  • Flexible deductible levels

  • Prescription benefit coverage included

  • Product carve-outs, such as organ transplant cases, available

  • Alternate funding options available

  • Calendar year or risk attaching coverage

Value Added Services
Every RBS Re client receives assistance in the management of catastrophic healthcare claims. These value added services are designed to complement and enhance a client’s existing medical management programs. Here are a few examples of services offered:

Access to National Transplant Networks Access to National PPO Networks
Catastrophic Case Management Neonatal Care Management
Large Claim Reviews Bill Audits


Coverage is underwritten by HM Life Insurance Company or Highmark Casualty Insurance Company, Pittsburgh, PA in all states except New York under policy form series GP895, GP895C, HL601, HC601, HL904, HC PEL1105 or similar. In New York, coverage is underwritten by HM Life Insurance Company of New York, New York under policy form series GP895, HL601 or similar. The coverage or service requested may not be available in all states.